TPD Community Resource Officer

A well-known Tulsa Police officer and ordained minister will be TPD's first-ever Riverside Community Resource Officer. Officer Amley "Popsey" Floyd will serve full-time in the new position. Floyd, whose Facebook post about an officer-involved shooting went viral in September 2016, will worked the 61st and Peoria area. His new job will put him in contact

Spreading Holiday Cheer

Dozens of drivers got pulled over, Tuesday, by Tulsa Police, but instead of getting a ticket the driver received a gift. Random acts of kindness are helping officers and the TPD Foundation get into the spirit of giving. Board members rode along with officers, handing out 20 pound smoked hams, gift cards and gas cards

TPD Goes Fishing with Youth

TULSA, Oklahoma - Fishing is a sport of patience. That's something ten-year-old Dallas Elifrits has down, after years of being an angler. “I've been fishing ever since I was born, so like ten/nine years,” said Elifrits. But he's never done the type of fishing that takes place at a Badges and Bobbers event. He had

TPD: Tulsa Night Out

  Tulsa police are reaching out to people neighborhoods across town. Tulsa Night Out was developed from a National Night Out where police hold a festival in one place for families to come out and learn, while snacking and meeting with first responders. Tuesday, Tulsa officers went out into their neighborhoods to meet and greet.

TPD Trains Officers as EMTs

30 Tulsa police officers trained as EMTs Grants paid for most of the training and equipment Officers applied for the program Now looking for signs of heat stroke, heat exhaustion Tulsa police officers started training to be EMTs last winter. Now, 30 officers are fully certified EMTs. The program and equipment was mostly funded by

Officers in the Community

Tulsa police officers reached into their own pockets to buy two young deaf boys fishing rods.Cell phone video shows Tulsa Police Officer Adam Ashley teaching a teen and his younger brother how to set up and use a fishing rod. What makes the moment even more special is the brothers can't hear anything. "We realized

TPD Heros

After Cpl. Gene Watkins got shot in the leg while chasing a suspect in north Tulsa in August, his fellow officers immediately came to his aid. They got a tourniquet around his wound. Luckily, the bullet didn’t hit an artery or sever a nerve. Police cleared the way at the scene near North Sheridan Road