Tulsa Police K9 Units Receive New Pepperball Guns

11/14/2018 – Thanks to a generous donation, Tulsa’s K-9 Police Officers are now being equipped with 50 new Pepperball Launchers.

The chemical agent the new guns fire is the same one used by TPD for almost 20 years, but they say these pistols are a more accurate and reliable way to deliver the pepperballs.

“We’re trying to put as many de-escalation tools as we can into the officers’ hands, so they don’t have to use greater force,” said Sergeant Mike Parsons.

Tulsa K9 units are the first to get these new pistols because they’re often alone, but the department says it plans to supply them to all other officers, as well.

The TPD Foundation raised money and donated the guns and plans to work with TPD long term to sustain the program.

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