Tulsa Police Fooundation Law Enforcement Leadership Training

Building a leadership organization will have an impact on all officers and the communities they serve because learning occurs when leaders are competent, caring, creative, and honest. The proper training and mentoring not only establish a clear path, but also model the behaviors most important for successful outcomes.

Leadership training and mentoring have the ability to enlighten law enforcement to see how their work actions and behaviors affect themselves, their colleagues, and the community. Law Enforcement can begin to understand how their decisions impact service and the overall quality of the organization.

Implementing leadership training and mentoring are significant ways an organization can limit risk and liability, which will be reduced as police officers become more familiar with self-mastery and other significant leadership traits that improve the service they provide.

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Tulsa Police Foundation Law Enforcement Leadership Training

The Tulsa Police Foundation Law Enforcement Training Initiative, while fairly new to the Foundation, is one that is quickly gaining speed and recognition for extending the safety of Tulsa’s Police Officers. Donate to this fund now to help continue to bring our officers home safely, or contact us to find out more.