PD Cam

07/02/2018 – A famous face from A&E’s “Live PD” is sharing details about his next big adventure.

The Tulsa Police Department’s Sergeant Sean Larkin will host another national show called “PD Cam,” starting in just a few weeks.

While “Live PD” is live, taking us on the ride along with law enforcement, “PD Cam” takes footage from body cameras, helicopters, and dashboards and puts it into a 30-minute show.

“This is not professional photography. It’s all raw. It’s unfiltered. And you’re seeing what these officers go through,” said Larkin. “The footage that’s in this is more intense. It’s going to have you sit on the edge of your seat…There’s a lot of, there’s that action, that suspense of what’s going on.”

Larkin says there are more than 9,000 agencies across the country with body cams or dash cams.

And the public wants to see what police are doing.

Larkin says this show is all about transparency and building public trust.

“The last couple of years in the media, we’ve been kind of beaten up at times. Some of it, sure, I think justified, but I think a whole lot of it is not,” he said. “To kind of be out there and representing our profession and trying to explain things to the public on why things are done has been very important to me.”

Larkin says being in the national spotlight came out of the left field and he’s honored to be a part of both shows.

“PD Cam” debuts on Thursday, July 19th.

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