Students and TPD Relate Each Other

11/09/2018 – Tulsa Public Schools and the Tulsa Police Department held their annual Youth Forum Friday.

Students from several high schools sat across the table from police officers and got the chance to ask them questions.

Police officers and city leaders also spoke to the group about disproportionate minority contact, what to do when you are stopped by a police officer and avoiding gang violence and drugs.

Dashonda Cato, a senior at Mclain High School, said she has less fear about coming into contact with law enforcement now.

“That’s what most people do is get scared when they see the police, but coming here and getting their intake on it you’re like ‘O.K. well it’s not as bad as people make it seem,” Cato said.

Kendricck Mitchell, a senior at Mclain High School, said he got so much out of his conversations with the TPD officers. He said he wished forums like this one happened more often.

“People need this, because there was a lot of stuff I didn’t know that I thought I knew like being in a traffic stop,” Mitchell said.

Each school group is asked to come up with an activity in the next three weeks to help their peers gain trust with police.

Cato said she hopes her classmates can have the one-on-one time like she did.