Tulsa police unveil donated PepperBall guns to prevent deadly outcomes in the field

10/11/2019 – TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) — Tulsa police have taken another step toward limiting deadly officer-involved shootings with a donation of new PepperBall tactical compact pistols.

Police say this is just another option officers now have to help them make a non-lethal choice out in the field.

This comes at a time when the city has experienced its fair share of deadly officer-involved shootings.

It’s a life saving measure.

PepperBall guns, also called tactical compact pistols are now in the hands of Tulsa police officers.

This is a new way to protect officers and the communities they serve.

Friday the department demonstrated the pistols at the police academy.

Two hundred and fifty guns have been donated to officers through the Tulsa police foundation.

Police say it’s the newest tool to help them de-escalate dangerous situations when seconds matter.

Each pistol costs $900.

They hope to some day have 400 altogether, but they need more donations.

An investment into non-lethal guns.

Clearly this is a sign Tulsa police are serious about keeping the streets safer than ever.

Forty officers already have the PepperBall pistols in the field and 10 of those officers from various divisions are acting as instructors as the pistols are handed out.

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