TPD Pepper Balls

A Tulsa driver is in jail after leading police on a chase early Friday morning. At one point, officers had to break out a window and fire pepper balls at the man to get him into custody. Police arrested Tyrone Powell and this wasn't his first run-in with police. The chase started around 2 a.m.

Chase Ends in Tazing

Tulsa Police arrested a suspect after a brief chase near downtown Wednesday afternoon. Police started chasing a man in a stolen Cadillac near 1st and Zunis. The car hit a pickup near Admiral and Delaware and the man jumped out and took off running. A K-9 officer joined the chase and a police officer tazed

TPD Foundation Charity Luncheon

A restaurant heavily damaged in the August tornado hosted a charity lunch a day before it reopens to honor the police officers who helped restore order after the destruction. The Panera Bread at 5601 E. 41st. St. was one of many businesses damaged or destroyed by the EF2 twister that bore down on 41st Street

34 Lives Saved with Narcan

Thirty-four lives have been saved as the Tulsa Police Department has administered Narcan, a medication that can reverse the effects of a life-threatening opiate overdose, and on Friday TPD was recognized for their achievement. TPD has received the Heartland Alcohol and Substance Abuse Conference Community Project Award. This award was presented to the Tulsa Police

TPD to Promote Community Policing

Leah Mueller wants you to know that if you have a question or concern, the Tulsa Police Department hears you and wants to help. Mueller, a former television news producer in Tulsa, is the department’s first community liaison, according to a news release issued Tuesday. She will earn an annual salary of $45,000 to work

TPD Saves Man from Hanging

A Tulsa police officer ran into a man’s house Sunday morning just in time to save him from hanging to death, according to reports. Officers D. Howse, D. Madewell, and C. Veldkamp responded to a suicidal subject near Pine and Sheridan. Police say, when they arrived at the house, they got no response from the

TPD Works Quickly and Methodically

On 081617, Officers D. Deramus and R. Stout were assigned to three burglaries at offices at 6846 S Canton Avenue.  One of the victims was John Rupe, Jr. of Rupe Helmer Group.  They had replaced all of their computer equipment the week before...  Numerous laptops, tablets, and monitors had been stolen.  One of the tablets